The programs and services provided by SW Chance include essential collaborations with community based organizations, and institutions of higher education. As a result of these partnerships SW Chance provides services such as: transportation (work to home), job training/coaching, and job placement.

  • Transportation - many individuals with disabilities are physically or legally unable to drive to work once they have completed the job training/coaching program. Transportation is provided to these individuals to work and back home.

  • Job Training/Coaching - with the support of our partners individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment opportunities must complete a comprehensive job training program. This program provides individuals with the understanding of the responsibilities of employment, provides training in “soft skills” and workplace education. Once employment opportunities have been identified a job coach is assigned who provides on the job support for the individual.

  • Job Placement- partnerships with corporation are identified and developed to hire individuals with disabilities.

       Through our network of partners we have an atmosphere of collective participation and shared resources that support the educational needs of individuals with disabilities, which includes but not limited to education, employability skills building, and entrepreneurialship.

       Flavours is a for profit entrepreneurial business that provides funding, training, and job placement opportunities for SW Chance, Inc. programs and operations.

       Flavours “Healthy Culinary Arts" program was developed to provide individuals with disabilities with healthy living skills so that they can make healthy choices that will positively impact their health outcomes, lower their likelihood of obesity and obesity-related illness, and improve their overall independence, to include employment in their community.

       This program provides training in basic culinary arts skills, and covers a wide variety of kitchen skills, safely using kitchen tools/utensils, weights and measures, and cooking methods.

       In partnership with the Arkansas Enterprise for the Developmental Disabled ( AEDD) independent living program and the Arkansas Hospitality Association individuals are identified, trained, and placed into employment opportunities with members of the Arkansas Hospitality Association.

       Flavours provides catering services to local business or non-profit organizations and contracts with individuals who are enrolled or have completed "Healthy Culinary Arts Program" for job creation and placement opportunities.

       In 2016, Flavours proudly announced the opening of the Flavours restaurant located across from the Walmart Shopping Center next to Casa Mexicana and Shipley's Doughnuts off of Maumelle Blvd.  Flavours is all about serving great food to its customers with equally great service from an inspiring staff that includes people with disabilities, though they make it a point to say that the public shouldn't view anyone on their staff as "disabled" but as quite "abled" when given equal opportunity.  Go check them out and show your support!

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